How we work

Strategic approach for shaping the future


Initially, the demand for skilled human resources in Japanese companies is identified through collaboration with our partner companies in Japan. The crucial information of the vacancy such as salary, skills required, and location of the job is determined.

Vacancy Announcement

After finalizing the job details, the vacancy is announced on our social media sites. The candidates who had previously sent their CV and expressed their interest are also contacted if their qualifications meet the required skills.


Assessing the candidates’ qualifications, we determine the best candidates whose qualifications match the job’s requirements. We also consult with the professionals of relevant fields for the shortlisting process. The shortlisted candidates then proceed towards interviews with Japanese recruiting companies.

Interview Preparations

Next, we assist the shortlisted candidates to prepare the Japanese format CV and the slides for the interview presentation. The interview consists of a group presentation by each candidate and is conducted using online platforms such as Zoom.

Training and Practice Sessions

After the content for the presentation is prepared, we conduct training sessions for the interview. In these sessions, we aid the candidates to finely tune their presentation skills and to develop strategic responses to possible interview questions.


The interview takes place in several stages. Initially, all the shortlisted candidates are interviewed, based on which the company selects a few candidates. These candidates then move on to individual interviews, which is then sometimes followed by a practical skill assessment. Finally, the company decides to hire candidates as per their requirements.

Language Studies

Shortly after selection, the successful candidates of various companies begin their intensive Japanese language lessons in a small group. The curriculum is developed with coordination from Kansai University, one of the prestigious universities of Japan. Our team, consisting of top-class professional language instructors, ensures that the students can complete the N4 level within 4-6 months.

Cultural Insights

Besides language instruction, we also help our students gain an understanding of Japanese ethics and culture. From business card ethics to workplace traditions, our students learn abundantly discover about the Japanese culture. Moreover, we also provide the opportunity to learn and practice various Japanese cultural elements such as Calligraphy and Origami.

Visa Processing and Documentation

Alongside the classes, the students regularly interact with their future employers to discuss their language progress as well as details of the future job. It is hassle-free for candidates since the documentation is handled primarily by our team and our partners.

Arrival in Japan and Employment

After the visa processing is completed, the flight is scheduled and our candidates arrive in Japan to begin their employment. Accommodation arrangements are usually discussed in advance, and initial training is also provided.